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There are a variety of legal issues that employees and employers may face. Perhaps you are struggling to get the wage compensation you deserve, and have been looking for lawyers to assist you. Or, maybe you’ve faced wrongful termination and need assistance. Maybe you’ve been searching for a wage dispute lawyer to help with your case. If you’re in the Cook County, IL area, then consider contact Markwell Law, LLC. Mr. Markwell can assist with: 

  • Wage Payment Disputes 
  • Wrongful Termination 
  • Non-compete, Non-disclosure, and Confidentiality Disputes 

Contact a Wage Dispute Lawyer Providing Unbundled Service

There are a variety of wage disputes that may occur in the workplace. For example, perhaps you were required to work overtime without pay. Mr. Markwell can assist you in cases like these to help you get the compensation you’re due. 

Get Assistance with Your Wrongful Termination Case

Do you believe you were unfairly terminated? Then trust a lawyer to assist you. Mr. Markwell can examine your case and help you determine how best to move forward. His services are available to the following locations: 

  • Chicago, IL  
  • Cook County, IL  
  • Lake County, IL  
  • DuPage County, IL  
  • Kane County, IL  
  • Kendall County, IL  
  • McHenry County, IL  
  • Will County, IL 

If you’ve been searching for wage compensation lawyers, then consider contacting Mr. Markwell. Call now for your
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