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Markwell Law, LLC

While many wish to avoid it, a business may still run into legal concerns. Perhaps an individual broke a contract, or you and your business partner cannot come to an agreement on how to run the company. In cases like these, it can be beneficial to work with a business law firm like Markwell Law, LLC. Mr. Markwell is a contract lawyer who assists individuals near Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas. He offers unbundled representation, reliable service, and extensive knowledge on business law.

Mr. Markwell Can Assist with Breach of Contract Cases, Mechanics Liens, and More

Markwell Law, LLC is a business law firm that can assist with the following:

  • Business Disputes: These may range from disagreements with business partners to disputes with customers.
  • Breach of Contract: If someone doesn’t honor a contract they made with you, Mr. Markwell can help.
  • Mechanics Liens: Placing a lien on real estate allowing workers to recover compensation should they not be paid.
  • Construction Litigation: Mr. Markwell can assist construction professionals in a variety of legal matters, from contract disputes to payment issues.

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Consider calling Markwell Law, LLC if you need a business law firm near any of the following locations:

  • Chicago, IL 
  • Cook County, IL 
  • Lake County, IL 
  • DuPage County, IL 
  • Kane County, IL 
  • Kendall County, IL 
  • McHenry County, IL 
  • Will County, IL

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