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It’s important to plan for the future. An estate planning attorney can help you prepare a variety of documents to distribute your property, determine who can make decisions for you if you are no longer able to, and more. If you’re looking for estate planning law firms near Cook County, IL, then consider contacting Markwell Law, LLC. 

Mr. Markwell is an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

As your estate planning attorney, Mr. Markwell can assist you with the following: 

  • Wills: Wills are used in order to determine where your assets will go after your passing. An executor is specified in the will, and will make sure that the property is passed onto the right individuals. 
  • Trusts: Trusts, like wills, help to determine where your property will go. Unlike wills, however, trusts tend to be more private, and go into effect the moment they’re created. 
  • Power of Attorney: A power of attorney document specifies someone who can make decisions for you should you ever become incapacitated. 
  • Guardianship: If an individual is unable to take care of themselves anymore, an attorney can help you obtain guardianship over them. 
  • Probate Proceedings: The probate process can be somewhat lengthy and complicated; an attorney can assist you to make things easier. 

An Estate Planning Law Firm You Can Trust

Get assistance with your estate planning. Mr. Markwell is able to serve anyone who lives near: 

  • Chicago, IL  
  • Cook County, IL  
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  • DuPage County, IL  
  • Kane County, IL  
  • Kendall County, IL  
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  • Will County, IL 

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Get Assistance with the Probate Process; Contact a Probate Lawyer Near Chicago, IL and the Surrounding Areas

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Probate is the process in which a will is officially proven in court. The executor will often oversee the process, and will be in charge of settling the deceased’s estate. For individuals who have never been through the process before, this task can be somewhat daunting. Inheritance lawyers can provide you with assistance, ranging from walking you through the entire process to simply offering advice on specific aspects. If you’re looking for a probate lawyer near Chicago, IL, then consider calling Markwell Law, LLC. Mr. Markwell is a dedicated attorney whose pay-as-you-go plan allows you to customize your services to fit your needs. 

Mr. Markwell is Ready to Assist with Probate Litigation

In some cases, a will may be contested. For example, perhaps the will was altered towards the end of the deceased individual’s life, and a family member believes that it was done so under duress. In cases like these, probate litigation may be necessary to help sort things out. As your probate lawyer, Mr. Markwell can assist as much or as little as you want, depending on your desires. He can assist you throughout the litigation process, or simply provide you with advice on how to proceed. 

Work with a Will Attorney Near Chicago, IL and the Surrounding Areas

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A will is a document that specifies who will receive certain assets after your passing. It names an executor, who is in charge of making sure that the property is distributed correctly, and beneficiaries, who are the ones who will be receiving the property. The will must first be proved in probate court; after that, the executor may begin the distribution process. 


Sometimes, individuals may want to handle most of the will creation process on their own; other times, they may want a will attorney to assist them to make sure that everything is done correctly. That’s where Mr. Markwell can help. He offers unbundled service, allowing you to determine how much involvement he has in the process. Contact him today in order to get more information. 

Mr. Markwell is a Qualified Trust Attorney

A trust is another invaluable estate planning document. Trusts are often more private than wills, as they don’t have to go through the probate process. In addition, they are active the moment they’re created, whereas a will won’t go into effect until after you pass. However, trusts can’t cover certain topics, such as the guardianship of any children in your care. Because of this, many individuals choose to have both a will and a trust. 


Mr. Markwell is a will and trust attorney who dedicates himself to providing quality service. He can involve himself as much as needed in order to make sure you get qualified assistance. 


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